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Roy Henderson

Roy Henderson

Co-Director, SP Technology

Roy Henderson is Co-Director of SP Technology (Automation & Robotics), having been with the company for over 30 years, initially starting out as the first ever apprentice before developing into many roles, including design engineer, prior to completing an MBO in 2017, Roy has witnessed many advances within the automation industry.

The advances in technology and Industry 4.0 have meant that their machines can now interconnect and provide users with key data to allow for more productive manufacturing. Each machine is built to exact requirements and over the years systems have included high speed assembly, semi-automated processes, vision inspection machines, testing systems, robotic palletisers, materials handling, welding, packaging, automatic labelling machines and pad printing systems.


Winners of Manufacturer of the Year, SP Technology are a team of diverse engineers who design, build and install bespoke automated machines for the enhancement of processes and productions in an ever growing range of industries.