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Henry Russell

Henry Russell

Operations Manager, Envirosystems UK Ltd

Over the past 15 years, Henry has built a diverse range of experience across the private sector, academia and the third sector. Initially he was working in the Biotech industry as a researcher, working specifically on probiotics and enzymes in agriculture. This was followed by a PhD in Biochemistry at Manchester University, which delivered fresh research to academia through a number of high-impact research papers. This was followed by working in the third sector as a Data Consultant   which focused on the uptake of renewables, reducing carbon emissions and reducing fuel poverty incidence.

In his current role as Operations Manager at Envirosystems, a family-run agricultural manufacturing and sales company, Henry is responsible for the smooth day-to-day management of the firm along with overseeing delivery of new innovations to market. The latter includes the company upgrading its manufacturing and product offerings through automated/ digital technologies; contributing to international air quality standards through biological treatment of slurry stores; and the circular economy through additional product uses of paper waste materials.

Henry is passionate about increasing productivity/ efficiency in agriculture through automation and reducing current negative environmental impacts (e.g. emissions).