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Dave Swan

Dave Swan

Chief Technology Officer, Tharsus Ltd

Dave Swan is Chief Technology Officer at Tharsus and leads the company’s Solutions Architecture team. In addition to overseeing Tharsus’ technology strategy, Dave is responsible for driving innovation through research and development activities and leveraging emerging technologies to help customers define their business problems and find innovative, technical solutions to those problems.


Since joining Tharsus in 2007, Dave has been instrumental in Tharsus’ early moves to establish leadership in the design and manufacture of robotic and automation solutions. He developed the Tharsus ‘way of working’, a process called ‘The Key’ which revolves around collaborative working with customers to create smart machines that deliver against their business objectives.


Dave is a fervent advocate for sponsoring STEM-related initiatives and has expanded the design engineering team at Tharsus to include Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Firmware capabilities.


He is a frequent speaker at conferences on robotics and automation issues, and is responsible for managing Tharsus’ alliances, partnerships and senior-level relationships with leading and emerging technology companies.


Prior to joining Tharsus in 2007, Dave had more than ten years’ engineering and operational management experience within the Tier 1 and OEM Automotive world at global companies including Viasystems and Magna Kansaei where he focussed on tackling volume assembly challenges.


Dave’s passion is driven from the practicalities of getting products and machines out of the minds of inventors and large business stakeholders and into the real world so they can show what they can really do!