Andrew Tyrer

Interim Programme Director – Robotics Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund

Innovate UK – UK Research and Innovation


Andrew is currently leading the Governments £93m ISCF robotics programme being delivered by UK Research and Innovation. He joined the DTI on secondment from the National Physical Laboratory, to run the Network Security Innovation Platform in April 2006. He transferred to the Technology Strategy Board (Innovate UK) on its inception in July 2007. Andrew has been responsible for running research programmes in; Privacy and Consent, Information Infrastructure Protection, Trusted Services, M-Commerce, Cloud Adoption and the Internet of Things and is responsible for over £40m of investment in Digital Services on behalf of the Innovate UK. He represented Innovate UK on a House of Commons select committee on the use of Biometric Data. Since April 2018 Andrew has been Deputy ISCF Programme Director where he manages a team of Innovation Lead’s in: Robotics & Autonomous Systems and  Electronics, Sensors and Photonics.

Prior to joining Innovate UK Andrew worked for Serco Science where he managed business development for the Division of Enabling Metrology at NPL and Serco Technology working in areas such as speed enforcement, automatic number plate recognition and traffic control systems. Andrew is a passionate STEM Ambassador and actively encourages links from Innovate UK back into the Higher Education sector.

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