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25 Jun 2019

TS2 SCARA Series: Design, performance, and connectivity redefined

Next generation robotics for advanced applications          

The new, state-of-the-art TS2 SCARA series from Stäubli, with its fully encapsulated design, is part of the next generation in robotics. This technological development opens up a host of new application possibilities.

A revolutionary new design

The enclosed structure of the TS2 4-axis series protects it against harsh conditions and also facilitates integration into sensitive environments. With no external cabling and no irregular contours, the fully sealed design meets the strictest hygiene requirements while guaranteeing outstanding tool connectivity.

“Stäubli will also launch a special version for harsh, wet, and aseptic environments. These will have NSF H1 oil for food applications and stericlean versions for the semiconductor and life science industries. There will also be ESD versions for the electronics sector. This new series will be used in the manufacture of everything from pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food to medical products, electronics, and photovoltaics.”

Adrien Brouillard, Customer Support Manager, Stäubli Robotics

Compact and fast

The new TS2 SCARA series incorporates Staubli’s JCS-drive technology, which has proven so effective on the company’s 6-axis machines over the past 25 years. This cutting-edge control system, specifically designed for short and fast movements, is recommended for high-speed assembly and precision handling operations, predominantly in the automotive industry. Hollow shaft drives allow for a fully encapsulated harness assembly, further increasing the robot’s suitability for sensitive production environments.

Flexible, modular and interconnected

The four models in the TS2 series share a number of components; base, forearm, axes, and reduction gear systems. They have similar components to Stäubli’s 6-axis robot providing enhanced cohesion and increased performance. The TS2 series and the TX2 6-axis collaborative robots are controlled by the same CS9 controller in order to standardise the command integration and wiring between the machine and peripherals.

For the first time, models in the TS2 series can incorporate an Ethernet connection (Cat5e) on the arm tip and an integrated automatic tool changer.




Robotics and Automation 2019 will be the UK premiere of the TS2 4-axis robot, showing the advances being made in the world of connective robotics. These innovative new robots improve assembly time and pick-and-place performance, and are fully compatible with sensitive environments.

Features of the new SCARA 4-axis series

  • Exclusive fully encapsulated design, ideal for sensitive production environments
  • Extended working range of up to 1,000mm with the TS2-100
  • Cylindrical work envelope (Axis 1: ±180°)
  • Optimal connectivity, with arm-tip Ethernet connection
  • Optional integrated automatic tool changer
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