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24 Jul 2019

Time for a new approach to Recruitment

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I don’t understand – we are expanding, we have excellent facilities here, we are developing cutting edge solutions with market leading technology – why can’t we find any people?

Sound familiar? As a specialist technical recruiter within the automation marketplace, we hear this on virtually a daily basis. The media delights in regaling us with tales of gloom – there are no more trained Engineers in the UK, staff shortages will continue for the foreseeable future. Effectively it doesn’t matter what you do as a company, you will never be able to develop your business in the way you envisaged….

Doesn’t sound great. Ok, so let’s review this a little.

Is it a fact that experienced and qualified Engineers are hard to find?  Yes. That is correct

Is it a fact that experienced and qualified Engineers are IMPOSSIBLE to find? No. Not at all – and that is the most important difference.

The media has no inclination to change its rhetoric – why would it, they get far more reaction from sensationalism. What does need to change is how business’ approach the way they recruit. I think we can all agree the face of recruitment has changed dramatically particularly with the advancements in technology but also our attitudes as people – how we interact with each other, how we choose to engage with a company, our loyalty or rather lack of loyalty.  

Imagine – you are a highly skilled Engineer looking for a new role. You pop your CV onto the internet, likely over the next couple of hours you may receive upwards of 40 calls from a broad spectrum of Recruiters all asking you for your time and personal information. Some will have jobs to discuss, others want to market your details. Exasperated, you decide this was a bad move and stop answering the phone.

This of course is not helpful. So, how do we change this situation? We know that our Engineer will reply if they see something more than a basic job advert – something to grab the attention offering just enough to spark an interest. To keep them interested? Backed up with an informative Recruiter who can sell the company and the opportunity behind the advert.

Quite straightforward then – so how does it continue to fall down? Simple – a poor relationship between the Employer and the Recruiter. There are of course many reasons as to why this happens, but a key issue is not recognising the importance of taking the time to select and work with the right agency. You will need different agencies for different areas of your business – the right agency should be open with you and tell you truthfully which roles they can fill and which should be passed to another specialist.

Our advice to you as an Employer – select your agency wisely. Pick one who takes the time to understand you, your brand and what you want to achieve. Build a relationship, communicate – the more information you can give, the better they will match to your requirements and be able to talk about your business with as much passion as you do. Do we look after our key clients? Of course we do – your roles will take priority, you will receive the best people first and often we will surprise you by sourcing someone you didn’t even know you needed. That agency – that is the one who will find the time to reach the impossible people.

Listen to us – we will give you the right feedback about market rates, what your competitors’ benefits look like, how to get good people to stay with you, what people are saying about your business. We are immersed in talking to the right people every single day – even people who aren’t actively looking so when you do come to us with a tough role to fill, likely we already have someone in mind who won’t be putting their CV on any job board.

If you are still sending out job adverts into the internet and hoping for the best, why not come and talk to us. Unless we find you someone, the service is free of charge, so it can’t hurt to try, can it?


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