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29 Oct 2019

SHOW NEWS: SP Technology brings ball and cup demo machine to Robotics and Automation 2019

Christopher Walton

Given the demand for bespoke robotics from customers SP Technology Automation & Robotics (stand 620) is using Robotics and Automation 2019 to showcase its demo machine – built specifically to demonstrate concepts it has cross fertilised from many industry sectors.

The ball and cup demonstration machine drops stress balls into cups, caps them and off-loads them – this showcases the elements required in many production processes.

Roy Henderson, director, SP Technology, said it was difficult to showcase finished machines as every manufacturer wanted one on site as soon as possible and each was bespoke to an individual customer’s needs. To that end it developed the demo machine specifically to showcase its advancements at exhibitions.

“We are involved in all industries: medical device, automotive, pharmaceutical and this could be used in anything," said Henderson. "In manufacturing what people are looking for is flexibility. It can improve testing, assembly, welding, that is what we do, we design bespoke machines to suit customers and fulfil their needs and the systems we design go from £10,000 up to £3m.”

SP Technology is sharing a stand with Beckhoff Automation at Robotics and Automation 2019. “That is a company we collaborate with as a manufacturing partner,” said Henderson. “They have standard parts, we have the capability of designing and manufacturing machines and we use their kit on our machines. Whatever is suited best to the customer.”

Henderson added that the company was working with customers on improving levels of health and safety across the manufacturing sector: “You take away those health and safety issues by automating the processes.”

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