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29 Oct 2019

SHOW NEWS: Innovative service robots showcased

John Thornton

Service Robots (stand 302) used Day 1 of Robotics and Automation 2019 to showcase its range of innovative photography, serving and survey robots.

Amy has been developed to provide professional, friendly and effective customer service to guests in hotels, cafes, bars, bistros, restaurants as well as at award ceremonies and gala events. 

Operating on a highly balanced chassis, the 62kg Amy uses laser sensors and infrared technology to negotiate obstacles and successfully deliver a range of food and beverage items on a two-tired tray.  

Featuring an eight-hour battery life, Amy can be fully recharged in 10 hours. What's more, users can interact with Amy via a LED dot matrix facial display, in-built voice-recognition software, high-quality hi-fi stereo, and an 8.4-inch HD touchscreen that can also also display advertisements, menus and promotion. 

Also on the stand are Eva and Lily – two photography robots developed as a result of the company having previously manufactured photo booths and magic mirrors.

Both feature a raft of technologies, including facial detection; obstacle avoidance; point-to-point roaming; and the ability to speak. All images can be sent to printing stations via email or SMS, or uploaded to social media platforms.

Other standout features of both robots include an in-built DSLR camera, 23.8-inch HD interactive touchscreen and 24V battery that lasts for up to eight hours between charges.

Tim Warrington, CEO of Service Robots, said: "We build and programme the service robots ourselves right here in the UK. It's taken us six years to develop the photography robots and we've had them on the market for the last 12-18 months. They've taken off really well.

"Our biggest market is export right now – we've had orders in the USA, Canada and Nigeria – to customers such as wedding photographers that can rent a robot for £1,000 to £1,500 to have a little bit of fun with guests at weddings. It's proving to be a good business area for us."

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