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19 Jan 2023

Exotec announces three new smart warehousing solutions

Exotec, a developer of robotics solutions for warehousing applications, has announced the introduction of three new solutions to its product offering: a conveyor system, a picking solution and proprietary warehouse software.

On the release of the new products, Romain Moulin, co-founder and chief executive of Exotec, said: “With these innovations, we are further enabling our customers to run efficient, scalable and modular warehouses that flex to fit their unique needs.”

The company believes that the new solutions will address key challenges for warehouse operators, including inflation and ongoing labour shortages.

What’s more, all three of the new products are reportedly compatible with other Exotec solutions, including its flagship Skypod system.

The new conveyor system, named Skypath, is a modular conveyor system designed to reach a maximum throughput of 2,500 totes per hour.

According to Exotec, this system can be easily adapted and consists of straight, curved and inclined building blocks to support a wide range of logistics applications.

The company has also released Skypicker, a smart picking solution for warehouses that it claims is capable of picking up to 600 items per hour.

The solution was developed to use machine learning to automatically detect the dimensions of any item needing to be picked and then place goods in preparation containers. This is to optimise use of space, and thus improve overall storage capacity.

Finally, Exotec announced a new end-to-end software system called Deepsky, which can be used to integrate its own technology with the majority of warehouse management systems (WMS).

It is also designed to work with third-party automation equipment used for tasks like packing, sorting, and decanting, and collects real-time data, which is continuously sent to the Exotec Control Center. This feature was included to enable more efficient remote troubleshooting.

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