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23 Sep 2019

Exhibitor Q&A: Kevin Youens, business development manager – systems integrators, Schoeller Allibert

Please share a little about yourself with our visitors…

With over 30 years’ experience, I joined Schoeller Allibert two years ago as a leading specialist in the provision of automation container replenishment solutions. With extensive expertise in developing MHE totes for major UK and European storage and handling systems, I offer support to systems integrators and end-user customers alike from concept development and design through to final delivery. I work extensively with design specialists to deliver tailored plastic containers or trays that form a critical part of automated storage systems.

Why has Schoeller Allibert chosen to exhibit at Robotics & Automation 2019?

Schoeller Allibert has been inventing, developing, designing and manufacturing returnable transit packaging for 60 years. We chose to exhibit in order to demonstrate our expertise in the field of automated warehousing systems and show how we can help to improve efficiency, reduce costs and give companies a competitive advantage.

Moreover, the show attracts senior level decision makers from a number of key verticals such as retail, manufacturing, automotive, distribution, warehousing, pharmaceutical and food and beverage. As a world-class supplier at the forefront of supporting robotics and automation technology, we wanted to give companies the opportunity to see our people and products for themselves.

What will Schoeller Allibert be showcasing or discussing?

We will be showcasing a new industrial automation stacking container range that is specifically designed for use in intralogistics automated warehouses or fully automated fulfilment distribution centres. 

The new single shot moulded storage and retrieval containers come with a standardised European dimension footprint, which makes it possible to store and transport these stackable containers in a space-saving manner. 

These system integrator containers are extremely robust and suitable for use with all automated roller/belt conveyor technology, push-through racks, and especially stacker cranes and shuttle applications including clamping belts, tote stackers,  telescoping, and grabber arm technologies.

This new automation container range is available with either solid closed side walls or a perforated side wall option and has various base options as standard. The containers can be equipped with base options such as a low noise reduction base or with a standard stacking base for stacking compatibility with other competitor containers if required.

In addition, the new range has a choice between open and closed handles and can be equipped with a manual or robotic injection moulded divider system, which creates up to eight internal partition compartments per container.  

The containers meet FEM global water drainage requirements and all drainage slots are off set for use in laser light beam applications.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges currently facing the industry?

Most end-users know what they want from a functional perspective from a systems integrator. The real challenge lies in the translation of functional aspirations into technical performance standards or vice versa. Indeed, few commercial off-the-shelf product lines, whether hardware or software, will do everything the end-user wants them to do, so suppliers for systems integrators that have the flexibility to offer tailored solutions will become increasingly important.


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