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28 May 2019

Come to one of the Lean Workshop Group Training Days at WERMA UK Ltd

Come to one of the Lean Workshop Group Training Days at WERMA UK Ltd NN8 6GR on 5th and 6th June 2019 and learn all about it - for free!

Lean is essentially about maximizing customer value while minimising waste. To accomplish this, Lean thinking changes the focus of a company from optimising the different assets, technologies and departments to optimizing the flow of products and services through the entire value streams that flow through to your customers.
Put simply “Banish waste and create wealth in your business’’

So where could you start your ‘’Lean Journey’’?

The Lean Workshop Group offers free training to anyone wishing to start their ‘’LeanJourney’’ or perhaps looking to re-fresh their understanding of Lean techniques and to learn some of the basics about Industry 4.0 concepts.
At the FREE Lean training events we offer insight into the thinking, products and services needed to implement efficient Lean manufacturing and Lean Logistics systems, with a mixture of class room training sessions, and also a hands-on manufacturing and logistics cell.



The cell embodies the latest developments in Lean manufacturing technology and you will be able to manufacture real products on the line and in the logistics centre. Ateach event there are Lean and Industry 4.0 specialists from a wide variety of companies and disciplines who have an in-depth knowledge of many areas of the Lean supply chain, from shop floor production tools, automation, logistics, materials handling, monitoring systems and Lean consulting/training.

For more information about the Group, what it offers and to book a place at forthcoming events: or e-mail

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