Intelligent Systems for Process Optimisation

Intelligent Systems for Process Optimisation

Werma offers three easy to retro-fit wireless solutions at Robotics and Automation

Arena MK, Milton Keynes October 11th – 12th 2017

WERMA is the leading European manufacturer of industrial beacons and sounders and also innovative smart and intelligent systems for improving logistics processes.
A brand new Kanban replenishment system StockSAVER is being shown at the Milton Keynes event. It uses intelligent monitoring points to monitor and manage line side stock levels and automatically generate replenishment calls wirelessly.

A second system, SmartMONITOR uses conventional andon lights but with the addition of a wireless transmitter and receiver kit to monitor up and down time of machines and equipment and also collect other relevant data on machine performance.

We will also be demonstrating AndonSPEED, an andon light based wireless call for action system which is proving popular in many online retail warehousing operations as well as industrial operations. The system will identify bottlenecks in the warehouse system and speed up response to disruptions to production.  In addition a range of our well known beacon and sounder devices will be on show including the very latest designs with new features.

StockSAVER: the new Kanban replenishment system
The system, simple to retrofit to existing FIFO flow racking, solves many typical Kanban issues, increases significantly the floor space for value adding activities and increases cash flow. StockSAVER automatically calls up material replenishment requirements and thereby reduces the margin for human error and will significantly cut the amount of line-side safety stock being held.

StockSAVER deploys sensors fitted to the FIFO flow racking system to detect the passage of all sizes of commonly used bins.  Data on bin movements is transmitted wirelessly to a control station view on a PC and triggers automatically precise replenishment orders.  It will give a transparency to the stock levels in the FIFO racks enabling a significant reduction in the requirement for safety stocks to be held there.
Kanban cards no longer required
The systems solves the problem of mislaid, damaged or untimely Kanban card re-ordering processes and most importantly negates the need for safety stocks line-side and will therefore improve also cash flow.
StockSAVER is simple to install and is easy to extend.  Clear and simple Kanban displays on the PC keep Production and Logistics informed and enables the process to become more robust and less susceptible to errors.
SmartMONITOR: the intelligent alternative for machine monitoring and data collection
WERMA’s SmartMONITOR helps to make processers lean, faster and more efficient. The wireless based data collection and transmission system is easy to retrofit and enables analysis of the operation which in turn will lead to untapping growth potential and keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

“SmartMONITOR is the intelligent machine monitoring system alternative for companies who are looking for a quick and uncomplicated way of optimising their processes” comments Simon Adams, Managing Director of WERMA UK who continues; “the system will provide you with all relevant data on the performance of machines, equipment and manual workstations, simply with a couple of mouse clicks.”
Control station displays on the PC or automatic notification to your smartphone will help to reduce reaction to downtime considerably and help identify ways of optimising manufacturing processes. Detailed reports and analyses of the data can be produced automatically which will then show the possibilities to improve processes and increase productivity.
AndonSPEED Call-for-action system which keeps things moving – a unique system for optimising warehouse logistics processes

Since 2016 AndonSPEED has been playing its part in optimising processes on manual workstations and in warehouse operations. The system is a unique and innovative intelligent monitoring and call-for-action system. Unlike traditional andon light systems AndonSPEED not only gives a clear local visual signal of a disruption or change in status on the line or workstation, but also documents and analyses downtime. The wirelessly connected system passes information to a control station display on a PC or screen and can also despatch call for action e-mails automatically to personnel required to intervene and resolve a problem.
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