Five minutes with Emma Panter, UK Director, McCue Corporation

You’ve recently become MD of McCue UK – how did that come about?

I was the Operations and Finance Director and had taken on the Retail Sales Team 1 year ago, and had great success. Following discussions with McCue MD, David DiAntonio, we felt we needed one lead in the UK. Therefore he offered me the promotion to take on the full UK business. It felt like the next natural step.

There’s been a lot of changes at McCue with the founder leaving in the U.S – how will this affect the business and what are McCue’s plans going forward?

David McCue has created not only a successful business but also a business that people enjoyed working for. Over the last five years he has been slowly stepping down from the owner role in preparation for the changeover. David DiAntonio stepped into the CEO role for the overall company, and continues to drive David’s vision forward but he is also working with the new company on how we can grow in different ways.

Can you please tell us why you chose to exhibit at Robotics and Automation 2017?

One of the biggest drivers of change in the 2020s will be automation. McCue have products that can protect the automation field and this show gives us the ability to showcase them to leaders in this field.

What products will you be exhibiting at Robotics and Automation and why are they relevant to the show’s visitors?

We will be showcasing our new product the FlexCore Guard Rail. This is an easily-to-install flexible barrier system designed for areas that need an extra level of protection. The entire system is engineered to absorb impacts, from the ductile iron core with impact dampers to the flexible HDPE Barriers.  We will also be exhibiting our FlexCore Bollards, Pedestrian Barrier with and without crash barrier for extra protection against forks, and also our rack protection products. We have safety solutions for any facility. Whatever the facility requires we can work with our clients in delivering the solutions they need.

What do you feel are the biggest challenges facing the health and safety/facility protection industry at the moment?

One of the main causes of accidents in a warehouse environment is people getting injured, or worse, by moving vehicles. Therefore creating barrier segregation between people and vehicles, whilst keeping productivity at a high level, is our priority. Utilising our products not only helps companies protect their employees, it contributes to the facility’s overall productivity. Our products organise a facility, protect employees and equipment and prevent accidents.