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Discovery Zone

Organised by the publisher of Robotics & Innovation Magazine, Robotics and Automation is an exciting business event to showcase the latest technology transforming logistics and manufacturing.

Join the Discovery Zone to promote a range of cutting-edge products and services, including: Robots / Robotic Systems, Automated Assembly Machines & Systems, Parts Handling Equipment/Conveyors and materials, Industrial Automation Control, Sensors and Sensor Integrated Systems, Automatic Identification & Data Collection/RFID, and Machine safety.

The show has a strict end-user policy, so you will able to network with senior level decision makers with the following job titles: Engineer, Director, MD / Owner, Operations, Heads of Supply Chain, Head of Logistics, Manager, Technical Managers.






In our Discovery Zone, each participant gets:

  • Purpose built pod for you to use as a base, or meeting point, and display literature, complete with power socket for you to run your laptop, or charge your mobile device.
  • Access to free event wide wifi
  • Logo and listing in the exhibitor section of the event website
  • Your logo or graphic printed on the pod’s display panel
  • One attendee pass for the event (Can be upgraded to two passes)

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Who you will meet...