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Extending the Use of SLAM in Robots into 3D Mapping

30 Oct 2019
Theatre 1
Automation And Innovation

The current use of SLAM in many robotics systems is restricted to an, essentially, ground level 2D environment. SLAM software has the potential to allow greater information to be acquired in 3D benefitting and extending the robots’ potential applications. As well as building more detailed localisation maps SLAM has the ability to create detail of the whole environment in which it is working, resulting in more information and better (nonground level) obstruction detection. Full 3D mapping can result in less potential collisions, and more data products, such as stock positions and assist in 3D automation, for example with automated forklifts. 3D mapping with SLAM has the potential to improve operational efficiency and allow greater detail and information products to be created.

Kenneth Smillie, Business Development Director - GeoSLAM